Camp Olowalu’s is conveniently located about 10 minutes south of Lahaina’s attractions and amenities like restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment, and more. 

But you don’t have to go far to experience one of Maui’s most beautiful destinations. Olowalu Reef, spreads left and right from our beach and makes for a great snorkeling and underwater experiences. And the best is, it is available 24/7, without charge, or the need to get on a charter boat.


DO NOT USE GPS, it will take you to Olowalu Village Road, Mauka (the mountain side of HI-30). We are Makai (the ocean side of HI-30). From OGG, Maui’s Kahului airport, it takes 31 min (18.3 miles).

Follow signs to Lahaina on HI-380 and HI-30* South that will take you towards Māʻalaea. Pass Māʻalaea and continue through Maui’s only tunnel.

Slow down per signs to 35 MPH before mile marker 15. Turn left onto Olowalu Village Road and a quick left again immediately off of the highway. Follow the small road that runs parallel to the highway.

Continue to the check-in window on the far end of Olowalu Village Road by the roundabout.

* Please keep your eyes on this winding highway. If you choose to stop at one of the scenic lookouts, please do so carefully.
Always use extra precaution on this highway.