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Low-lying beachfront areas are considered tsunami evacuation zones.
In the event of a tsunami, go to an area 100 feet above sea level, or go inland as far as you can. Always use extreme precaution crossing the highway.

Listen to or call NOAA. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) will provide you with the information you need.
Emergency instructions are broadcast over the radio. Tune in to the local station when you hear the warning sirens.
Do not use the telephone except in a serious emergency dial 911.

NOAA Weather Radio broadcast on the following frequencies:
• 162.550 MHz
• 162.400 MHz

NOAA Weather Radio broadcast recording number:
• Island Wide 1 (808) 944-5025

If you’d like to have more information regarding Tsunami prevention, please check this document provided by the International Tsunami Information Centre.

In a serious emergency dial 911